Low cost internet marketing for the frugal affiliate marketer

Low cost internet marketing is a blog that will be documenting my own journey, experiences and thoughts on frugal affiliate marketing and making money online through free websites.

Unfortunately, during the last few weeks I had to quit a very good program that was assisting me to build niche sites.  It was going very well, however I realized that it is not what I need at this point.

Upon that realization, I cancelled my membership and instead invested on their low cost keyword research tool which I found to be a breeze to use.

Over the years I've attempted affiliate marketing several times but I must say that I learnt a lot more when I was with SBI (Site Build It).  I, however felt that one thing was off judging by the amount of time one had to spend on keyword research and balancing out those numbers.  Despite the detailed explanation on why those numbers were important, I simply did not get it.  I am not implying that they were not important, I just felt like it was too much information for me.

I've also worked a lot using Potpiegirl's One Week Marketing guide.  I must say that I love this woman to bits and has thought me a lot about taking action and getting almost instant results.

Basically, this blog will be dedicated to sharing with you, my ups and downs, experiments and what is currently working for me at the moment...and hopefully show some earnings as well.

So, what have I done so far in my low cost internet marketing journey?

Like I said, I invested in Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is owned by the Wealthy Affiliate team.  I was introduced to this tool through their free searches offer.  After testing it for free,  I decided there and then that it is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to rank on Google.

You can signup for free and perform up to 30 searches with no obligation to buy (no credit card required)

What I like the most about Jaaxy is that it will even indicate for you which of the search results are worth pursuing as well as a full analysis of your competition on the site.

After selecting and saving my desired keywords, I headed over to Hubpages.  you see, I've always been a Squidoo person BUT after 30 of lenses were deleted last year let's just say that I still had a sour taste on my mouth about Squidoo.

I have so far written two hubs on this particular niche and I decided to go check how things are over at Squidoo and I also wrote another article there.

I must say though that I like the revamp over at Squidoo.  They have a point system that they use as you buid your lens.  By the time you hit the "publish" button, you already have an idea whether your lens is of acceptable quality or not.  If not, there is a checklist that guides you on what to do.

I also started a Blogger blog like this one on the niche.  I know quite well that I need to use my own site..and I will when the time is right.  For now I plan to push this journey with as many free and cheap resources as possible.

I'll be discussing these platforms and tools as I go along this blog.  As of writing this post, everything is still new but promising.

My next post will be focusing on Hubpages as it is where I started with testing my keywords.

Till the next post!