Working hard to get found on Google

I am quite frustrated right now as I do not seem to update this blogging diary of mine as frequently as I'd love to.  My self-hosted Wordpress site is really keeping me on my toes. I'm very busy figuring out how to get found on Google a.k.a that painful process called Search Engine Optimization.

I've been hard at work with the Pajama Affiliates' SEO and Keyword Course for beginners.  I keep wondering though why it is referred to as "for beginners" because anyone who needs to polish their site's SEO would benefit tremendously from the site.
Get found on google

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I've been busy for the whole of last week and this one - going through the course. So far my blog has 17 blog posts which I've managed to pull together within a space of a month. My initial reaction to the course was to go back to each post and align it with the lessons learned.   That did not work well for me and got me more confused and frustrated.

My solution then was to write a brand new post (post no. 18) and apply everything I've learned there about blog post SEO, image optimization, interlinking etc.

The process went smoothly, with even a thumbs up from the trainers (quite a huge deal for me).  This helped me to put everything into perspective.  I will go back and clean out the posts as well once I know all that is required off by heart.

I'm also busy working on the analytics on Google Search Console. This is one of those things that I tripped  over and fell on while fiddling and searching the net.

I am jumping for joy because my month-old niche blog is already ranking for 100 keywords (I was not even targeting most of them). One of them is already on Page 1 so yeah!!! I'll jump for joy for this one.  The thing is, I'm not new to keyword research and can only thank what I preceive to be the best keyword tool i.e Jaaxy

Pajama Affiliates is helping me a lot to put everything I mine from Jaaxy into perspective. Getting found on Google is one thing, the question Robin keeps asking her students is "what kind of quality will your readers find when they land on your blog?". Google has become clever and sprinkling and throwing keywords all over one's blog does not work anymore - it is because of these developments that I realized that I will need coaching on SEO and Keyword Research.

I will make an effort to post weekly updates with updates on my traffic stats as well as my affiliate marketing journey in general!

Till next time!