An Amazon sale...yippee!!

It has been a while since I updated this blog.  Funny how life just gets on the way when we plan to achieve something!  I was so busy with my self improvement blog that I sort of abandoned my niche site.  I use the niche site to test the Jaaxy membership tool.

Despite the recent Google changes, all keyword focused posts and hubs that I did using Jaaxy continued getting consistent traffic, with no hitches whatsoever.  One of the things I've been thought by Kyle and Carson (Jaaxy owners) is not to game Google by plastering my keywords all over my blog posts.  This may be one of the reasons why none of my sites have been penalized.

Read my Jaaxy review.

Anyway, I decided to stop by at Amazon today, and lo and behold! I had actually made a sale.  I've sold Clickbank items before, however this is the first time I made sales with Amazon.  The conversion rate is quite high (12,75%) too.

The Amazon niche that I'm promoting is an evergreen type yet laser  targeted.  It does not bring much monthly traffic, however the traffic inflow to my niche site is consistent.

Now that I know what is working with Amazon, the only thing left is to rinse and repeat. I'll be applying the same strategies I learned from Jaaxy to my other blog that is more focused on Clickbank and Adsense.

While I'm at it; I'm more than thrilled to report an increase in my Adsense earnings as well.  I do not qualify for the first check yet, however I am getting closer by the day.

Coming to Squidoo...I'm officially throwing in the towel on that one! 8 of my lenses have been locked...despite them giving him 100 points for conformance.  Some of these are actually old lenses that have been there for almost 2 years.  I won't be bothering with them from now on, and will throwing my energy publishing on my own sites.

After seeing their point system, I was more than convinced that such incidents will be a thing of the past.  My niche site has proven over and over again that Google has no issues with my content therefore I won't allow Squidoo to drive me to doubt myself.

Without wasting time...let me go back and rinse and repeat what is already working!

Till next time.